Unique Wedding Desserts

Everybody who attends a wedding looks forward to the decadent towers of sugary bliss, the cake. However, it is becoming increasingly more common to replace this tradition with other delicious options. When planning out the sweet side of your day, keep in mind that more is not always better, except when it comes to desserts! Make your dessert options fun for you and the guests, and make it unique to who you are. After all, this is your day, make it unique to you! The Here are some ideas if you don’t want to do the run of the mill cake, or if you want to add some exciting options for your guests.

  1. The candy bar! Who doesn’t want an all you can eat buffet of candy? This is a fun way to express your individuality on your day. You and your groom can pick some of your favorite sweets to offer your guests in an array of jars, vases, or whatever creative way you come up with to display your treats. It also makes for some fun photographs, adding something extra to the overall feel of the day.
  2. Build your own Ice Cream Sunday. If the candy doesn’t suit you but you like the idea of having your guests involved in creating their own dessert, this may be a good option. Give your guests the option of topping their Ice Cream with a variety of fruits, candies, syrups and fudges.
  3. Nontraditional Cake: Lately I’ve seen more and more unconventional wedding cakes. Ice Cream cakes, cupcake towers, and even a Donut Cake. There can be many variations of the tiered look, get creative and think outside the box.
  4. It’s becoming increasingly popular to have a chocolate fountain or 2, or one at every table as a center piece! Using white chocolate is a nice way to change up this increasingly popular tradition and make it your own. Add some unique dipping items to make your fountain experience different than any other. The more options the better.
  5. The options are truly endless. Anything that is a favorite of you or your groom would be great to incorporate into the day. Family recipes or ethnic foods are always another great way to come up with some unique dessert ideas. When doing a particularly unique dessert, it is a good idea to do it in addition to cake rather than as a substitute. That way if guests aren’t particularly fond of your unique option, they always have cake as a fallback.