Cupcakes: The Latest Trend in Minneapolis Wedding Desserts

Cupcakes have become quite the trendy treat, with specialty bakeries cropping up across the country, and particularly in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which exclusively sell these mini-cakes. As the cupcake trend has taken over the twin cities, it has become increasingly common to see these decadent delights in place of the traditional cake at weddings. Brides are often choosing to forgo the 3 tiered cakes and instead build multi-tiered platforms to showcase the finest cupcakes.

Bakers have become experts in decorating cupcakes with the finest details that match up to any ornately designed wedding cake. Each cupcake can be a gorgeous individual representation of the brides wedding concept. Some are so delicate and intricate that each is its own work of art and could almost be displayed at the Minneapolis Art Institute.

Before I explain how to select cupcakes for your wedding, you must first understand that there should be a priority when selecting your vendors. Too often I find brides selecting things like wedding cake first, when they haven’t even booked their venue. First, I would recommend selecting your wedding venue. Here in Minnesota we only have so many nice days, so the best wedding venues typically book out at least a year in advance. Second, I would spend some time searching through Minneapolis photographers portfolios to find the right fit for your wedding. A good wedding photographer is essential to capturing the memories of your day, and they too tend to fill their schedules first. Third, I would select your caterer, and settle on the best baker in all of Minneapolis for your wedding cake, cupcakes, or other desserts. While caterers don’t book out that far in advance, they are essential to making your guests happy and the evening memorable.

When choosing to do cupcakes there are some key decisions that need to be made by the bride. Besides flavors, frostings and fillings, the biggest decision to be made is the look of the cupcakes. Some brides prefer the overall look to be the presentation whereas some brides prefer each individual cupcake to be its own masterpiece. A common cupcake design is to have platforms to give the illusion that it is a traditional wedding cake. This is a great way to keep the traditional look, while still being able to provide the uniqueness of cupcakes and optional varieties of flavors to the guests.

Another idea to keep in mind is a variation on the more traditional version of the cupcake and instead doing a variety of mini-cakes or various small desserts. These can also be arranged in a way that mimics the traditional tiered wedding cake.

Ultimately, the cupcake option is simply another way for the bride to insert her unique style into her big day. In this day and age the uncommon is becoming quite common at weddings. Whether a bride chooses a traditional cake, cupcakes, or something completely out of the ordinary, the guests always look forward to some sweet treat when attending a wedding. It would not be unreasonable to assume that more and more unique dessert ideas will begin showing up at weddings. For now, the cupcake trend is a fun way for brides to get creative. The most common thing we see in wedding planning these days is brides attempting to be as unique as possible while still maintaining the traditional elements. The trend will continue to move in this fashion, so be ready to see more unique ideas being displayed at the weddings you attend.