My Favorite Wedding Caterers and their Minneapolis Wedding Venues

All brides want to wow their guests on the big day. One of the most common critiques of the wedding day is the catering. A plated dry chicken dinner just doesn’t cut it anymore in the wedding day world. One way to sort through the ripe selection Minneapolis wedding venues is to first decide on or narrow your catering choices. Once you decide on a caterer that is sure to provide your guests a 5 star meal, you can then choose from the venues that work with that particular caterer.

Here are my 3 personal favorite Minneapolis caterers and some of the exciting venues that they service in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.

  1. Café Bon Appetit at the Minnesota History Center: If you are having a contemporary wedding, and appreciate the unique and stunning architecture of the Minnesota History Center you will be pleased to hear that Café Bon Appetit caters each wedding they host to the individual preference of the bride. You will be the only bride of the day the cite and caterers are focused on, and therefore will have everything focused on making your day just right. If you are looking for fresh, local, and delicious, then you need look no further than Café Bon Appetit. Bon Appetit buys almost exclusively from locally owned and farmed land. Each menu is custom designed for the bride and all the food is made from scratch.

  1. Mintahoe Catering: If you want the perfectionists of catering Mintahoe should be your first choice. These award winning chefs customize and perfect your menu in a wide variety of exciting venue possibilities. Much like Café Bon Appetit, Mintahoe uses a wide variety of local and organic produce to create decadent meals. The stunning venue options that allow Mintahoe Catering leave nothing to be desired and include the beautiful Nicollet Island Pavilion, Van Dusen Mansion, James J. Hill Library, A’Bulae, Winehaven Winery, and Château at Medicine Lake.

  1. D’Amico: If you want your wedding to be over the top choose from one of the exciting venues that D’Amico catering hosts. D’Amico also values locally grown produce and organic menu items. The staff is praised as being excellent and the overall ambiance is praised by brides all around the twin cities. Some of the exciting venues that work with D’Amico are: Calhoun Beach Club, International Market Square, McNamara Alumni Center, Mill City Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Walker Art Center.


How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

As a Minneapolis bride, planning a wedding can be a very daunting task. The Twin Cities have so many exciting options for each component of your wedding and the wedding cake is the second most spectacular piece of the wedding day, next to the bride of course. When choosing the perfect wedding cake there are some simple things to keep in mind and easy steps to follow. The steps are the same as selecting any other wedding vendor, such as your search for the best Minneapolis wedding photographers, the top caterer in St Paul, Minnesota, or the coolest wedding DJ around.

Determine your Wedding Budget

It is very easy to get carried away once the ideas start rolling, and before you know it you can be spending two thousand dollars on the cake alone! Decide a budget and stick to it. The average wedding cake these days costs around $500. It’s also important to know about how many guests you will have, as cake is priced by slice. You can safely order less cake than guests (an average of 25 less pieces per 150 guests) if you are trying to save, as not every guest will partake in it. Another way to save is to make the actual cake small and then have sheet cake in the kitchen that will be served to the guests.

Look for Ideas of What You Want at Your Wedding

This is time to decide if you are going with a tiered cake, cupcakes, or something completely different. Look through magazines, family wedding photos, and online. Look at the portfolio of local Minneapolis wedding photographers to see the various concepts that are out there, and how each looks in photos. Then bring what you like with you as you interview bakers. Show them what you have in mind, and ask to see photos of their work. As you are speaking with them you can get a feel as to if they are willing and able to do what you want.

Taste some Wedding Cakes!

You can set up specific appointments for higher end bakeries in Minneapolis or St. Paul, or simply ask when you are looking for samples. Most bakeries will allow you to sample even if you are simply a walk in. If you want all one flavor or multiple flavors this is the time to make those selections. Be sure that if you are going with something unique, that there are also more basic or traditional options for your guests to enjoy. Not everyone will enjoy a cappuccino wedding cake, even if that is your favorite.

Pick a Bakery and Finish Up Your Design

Once you find a baker you are comfortable with and have sampled the cake you can choose based on your preference and budget. Most bakers will have a sit-down meeting to go over designs and draw up a final plan. They will ask you to bring photographs and sketches to help with this process. Many brides do their own wedding cake sketches to make sure it is exactly how they want.